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The Collection welcomes a new sculpture

In May 2023, the Societe General Art Collection’s Acquisition Commitee commissioned Daniel Firman a sculpture. Larger than initially planned because the artist decided to take advantage of the location’s size, this piece is “one of the most beautiful in this iconic series,” according to Firman’s art dealer… 

The iconic series in question is Gathering, born from a performance during which Daniel Firman piled many varied objects on his body. Through time, it mutated into a series of sculptures aiming to immortalize it. “Really Already Red” is one of them. In order to make it, the artist chose dozens of elements from a vast “material library” made of various objects. Its realization was then improvised: Firman’s goal is to find a “truth”, a balance that is both dynamic and visual, to create a dialogue between ideas and shapes.

According to Marion Guilmot, “Daniel Firman’s works operate like foreign bodies in reality: like a boomerang, they challenge the most common perceptions and sensations.”