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1) How to visit the Collection?

Visiting the Collection is accessible to anyone upon prior reservation and presentation of an identity card.                         
It can only be done in the presence of a mediator supporting the group inside the dedicated spaces where is the temporary exhibition.                          

To book a visit, please go to the visit page.                  

2) Does the visit of the Collection is open to schools?

The Collection is also open to school groups. A dedicated path will be proposed.                        

3) How to book a visit?

To register for a guided tour, simply go to the visit page and let yourself be guided through the different stages!                          

4) How to cancel my visit?

To cancel your visit, please contact us as soon as possible, at least 48 hours in advance: 


  • By using the link provided for this purpose in the confirmation email received
  • By going to our contact page and selecting the subject “cancel my visit”                        

5) Is the visit free?

Visits are free and open to everyone!                          

6) In which languages is the visit available??

The visit is proposed in French and English on demand.               

7) Is the guided visit of the Collection open to everyone?

Visit is opened to every public from 6 years old.                      

8) How to get the Collection catalog?

The The ART CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION book – AUGMENTEE EDITION 2K22 is available in any book store in France at €39 including tax.             
In order to make sur to find the right book, be aware to present this ISBN ID number : 978-2-35083-066-7                       

For a professional order, follow the following process :


  • Go to the webshop STACI: STACI: Choose the field:promotional items 
  • Enter your Activity Center number(a password is not mandatory) 
  • Choose inside“Mecenat”section the Collection book (ID number : 182943) - €39 Including taxes)                

*ISBN:International Standard Book Number

9) How to make an application for an artist work to the Collection acquisition committee?

Every year, the Collection expands of some new artworks highly selected by a committee gathering beside to some independents experts: Group steering board members and employees recruited following to the call for application.               

Application process to follow:


  • A the end of the first quarter: send your PDF file(max 10mo) only via our contact form by selecting the subject “Proposal for the acquisition committee”. 
  • Your file will then be forwarded to the expert committee 
  • Second quarter: acquisition committee meeting to choose the successful applications
  • Your proposition is convincing? We will keep you appraised

10) Other questions?

Feel free to use our contact form if you have any other question.