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Katharina Grosse


Acrylic fresco and two oval sculptures

The architecture of the auditorium foyer in the Granite Tower decided Katharina Grosse to work along a diagonal movement that overflowed onto the ceiling. On the ground, two oval forms correspond with the curved shape of the surrounding space.
Katharina Grosse
Born in 1961
Born  in Freiburg, Germany.
Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Katharina Grosse belongs to the generation of German artists who grew up with the Berlin Wall. Memories of this resurface in an explosive fusion of reworked Fauvism and post-graffiti urban art, notably in her murals. Armed with her spray gun, Katharina Grosse always works in situ. From ground to ceiling, she atomizes acrylic paint over vast surfaces, letting it drip and dribble over the edge, as if she had to paint without any limits and cover as large an area as possible..

Artwork of
Katharina Grosse

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