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Ground-c3 (Phase 2)


Ground-c3 (Phase 2)



Mixed media

200 x 160 x 3 cm

Here, the heart of the painting looks like an undistinguished mass at first, where all the elements concentrate. But Barbara Bojadzi’s gesture imprints a movement to it, like a primeval force, and colours and substances are embodied.

“The materials and the body’s actions produce an antagonist relationship, causing the wound. Coloured bruises, yellowish, reddish, appear on the surface. Without the dialogue between the different fields of materials and gestures, nothing is possible. Signs, traces, and images end up in the same temporality,” explains Barbana Bojadzi.
Born in 1996
Coming from Kosovo, Barbana Bojadzi is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and works and lives between Paris and Provins. Her artistic practice is based on the notions of the gesture’s print, the collision of different language levels, and the research for new techniques. By multiplying the materials and techniques used on vast panels that the artist works on both on the floor and on a wall, she creates abstract works where strata of matter are scratched and where the image emerges through removal.

According to Barbana Bojadzi, “The connections between the different language levels are established and then freeze. They polymerize layer by layer, and sediment in one visual skin: there are as many signs as traces or images.”

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