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Fragments de Joie : Flash


Fragments de Joie : Flash




140 x 190 cm

Acrylic on bedframe

In the series “Fragments de Joie (Fragmentsof Joy)” in which the painting on bed base Flash belongs, Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria tackles the issues of attachment and the construction and fragmentation of self during the development of young minorities in contemporary society. Itis inspired by the faces of the anti-racist struggle: they’re represented as figures inspired by pop culture’s superheroes.

“I became interested in attachment as an instinctive process designed to ensure the survival of the species after several visits to orphanages and favelas in my home town, Rio de Janeiro,”explains Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria. “The canvas-object came to me as a support to paint these faces photographed freehand. A big bed is all that is needed for all the colours of the world to find some rest.”

Born in 1991

A graduate in cinema and 3D animation atthe Melies School in São Paulo (2009) and in photography, contemporary dance, and conceptual art at the Beaux-Arts in Paris (2020), Daniel Nicolaevsky Mariais a multi-media artist. His work belongs between conceptual art and performance, and his practice, at once emancipating, radical, and poetic,explores the notions of circulation, attachment, belonging, and memory.
Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria draws from the memories from his childhood in Brazil and the history of minority individuals to reflect multiple existences. His work was exhibited and performed in several international art centres: Centre for Cultural Diversity (São Paulo), CentrePompidou (Paris), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Centre National de la Danse(Pantin), Sogetsu Art Centre (Tokyo ), and Rio Art Museum (Brazil).

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