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Nicolas FLOC'H


Nicolas FLOC'H



Born in 1970 in Rennes, France. 
Lives and works in Paris and Brittany, France. 

Nicolas Floc’h’s installations, photographs, films, sculptures, and performances question a time of transition where fluxes, disappearance, and regeneration are essential. A sailor and diver, his work based for the last ten years on the representation of submarine habitats and landscapes materializes in the production of documentary photographs dealing with global changes and the definition of submarine landscape. From long-haul projects feeding on experiments, scientific research, and encounters, open artworks grounded in reality unfold. Evolution processes are at their core. Nicolas Floc’h’s works are regularly displayed in France and abroad. They are featured in the photographic collections of the CNAP and several FRACs, among others. A monograph, Glaz, was published in 2018 by Roma Publications, Amsterdam.

Photo: @Isabel Segovia

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