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A moment out of time - Nils Udo

A moment out of time - Nils Udo

One minute of immersion in one artwork of the Societe Generale Contemporary Art Collection to cultivate a meditative, contemplative outlook on art. A moment out of time.


Imagine a summer day… 
A green, lush lawn pierced by a round mirror of water. 
Thin reeds, their inflorescence almost tangling… 
The water reflects the surrounding plants. 
Then, time passed. 
The perfect circle stands out among the bright white of the snow. 
The mirror froze, the surface turned opaque. 
The ephemeral interventions of Nils Udo enchant our eyes. 
They unveil the eternal cycle of reincarnations of nature, the infinite variations of its range. 
Stop for an instant to enjoy the great cycle of time, the succession of days and seasons. Stop in order to perceive the poetry of the world.