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Tempête dans les Landes I (matin)


Tempête dans les Landes I (matin)



Works on paper

97 x 200 cm

Wood and linocut print on Japanese paper

Chelsea Mortenson’s work revolvesaround the notion of landscape and the human manifestations inhabiting them:there isn’t a place on Earth that hasn’t been visited and changed by humanpresence, even in the wildest areas. “I want to underline the strangeness ofthe way we apprehend the world. The mistake it is to think we can separatehuman life from the other kinds of lives, and the sense of isolation comingwith this mentality. We inhabit the world as much as the world inhabits us. Ilook at nature in all its diversity; its beauty, its eternity, its chaos,”explains the artist. In Tempête dans les Landes I (matin) [Tempest in themoors I (morning)], the diversity of the techniques used (wood and linocut)highlights the contrast between the calm beauty of the landscape and thedeflagration of the tempest. It also creates a contemporary take on the sublimewhere terror is triggered by human actions.
Born in 1986

Born in 1986 in Oregon, United States

Chelsea Mortenson received her Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Film Studies from Barnard College, New York, in 2008 and her Masters of Fine Art from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2016. She now lives and works in Paris. She presented her works in several collective shows, notably in London, Leipzig, Paris, and Lisboa, and she was named laureate of the Rose Taupin-Dora Bianka painting prize and the Albert Maignan painting prize. Her children’s book Dans la forêt rouge [In the Red Forest] has been published by La Ville Brûle in 2019. Her work blends different techniques: painting, which brings softness to the subject, and engraving, which gives her images both brutality and simplicity.

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