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Guillaume VALENTI


220 x 150 cm

Oils on canvas

If Guillaume Valenti focused on the bright, geometrical space of the white cube for a while, now, he works on “alternative spaces” such as former industrial warehouses now used as creative spaces, questioning the notions of starkness, neglect, end of activities, and reuse of the installations. From personal documentation or images collected on the Internet, the painting takes shape, new objects appear and settle in the composition, and the artwork becomes fiction, the representation of a mental space evoking both purely pictorial issues and the current condition of images. Correlations between elements trigger a metafiction where what is off-screen takes the forefront and starts a reflection on the action of exhibiting and the spectator’s position.

crédit Louise Quignon-Hans Lucas pour Viva Villa

Guillaume VALENTI
Born in 1987

Born in 1987 in Paris, France 

After studying History and Art History at Paris-Sorbonne University, Guillaume Valenti enrolled at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where he graduated with honours in 2015. His work was featured in several exhibitions worldwide – in Paris, London, and Los Angeles – and he was in residence at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid. In 2012, he was awarded the Diamond Prize. As a painter, his work revolves mostly around the concept of mise en abyme, and his latest paintings take the exhibition space – museum rooms, galleries, windows – as a subject. Choosing the perspectives, meticulously organising the space, and playing with the often artificial lights of the interiors he represents, the artist makes portraits of the locations he paints.


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Guillaume VALENTI

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