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Works on paper

76 x 140 cm

Ink and coloured pencils on paper

L’éveil [Awakening], made with ink and coloured pencils, is made of landscapesinterlocking together: the beaches of Kribi, the A1 highway during winter, atemple in Qibao… These places where Laura Tolen either lived or travelled(Cameroon, France, China) are in reality thousands of miles apart. By beingjuxtaposed on the paper, the memories linked to these landscapes synchronise.Coming from both France and Cameroon, the artist lives at the crossroad ofseveral worlds where she is perceived in multiple ways. Culture and custom change,and so does she. How can one inhabit these different universes? And how theseinhabit and influence the ones that live there?

Born in 1997

Born in 1997 in Douala, Cameroon

Laura Tolen grew up in Douala, Cameroon, before enrolling at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where she graduated in 2020. The same year, she participated in the collective exhibition ArtuElles Interférences at Galerie Annie Kadji in Douala. Her texts and drawings were featured in several publications. She works on the construction and transmission of memory that she approaches through her favourite media, drawing and oil paints. From family pictures or photographs she takes herself, she reconstructs in her drawings a family history half-real, half-fictional, juxtaposing in the same space locations and characters that never met in real life. This reconstruction of memories and past events questions objectivity andthe reliability of memory.


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