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Marion Boehm

Mixed media

136 x 102 cm

Technique : Collage et media mixtes 

In her unique collages, Marion Boehm depicts people who live or lived in Paris: musicians, dancers, writers, and painters. In these images, the tradition of African wax fabrics can be seen, a wax technique inspired by Javanese batik which appeared in the 19th century. When it arrived in Europe, it became a flourishing industry set between Europe and Africa. Marion Boehm keeps this tradition alive through an abundance and richness of colour, associating a unique costume with each portrait.
Marion Boehm
Born in 1964

Bornin 1964 in Duisburg, Germany, Marion Boehm lived in Italy and in France beforemoving to South Africa in 2010. Between 1984 and 1993, she travelled the worldto discover new cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Following this initiatorytrip, she studied interior design at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciencesin Germany, where she graduated in 1997. After completing her studies, shejoined Thorer Interior Design in Frankfurt, Germany. She later embarked on acareer as an independent designer working in Frankfurt, Milan, and Cannes.

Artwork of
Marion Boehm

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