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From fear to fearless


From fear to fearless


Joon YOO

Mixed media


From Fear to Fearless is part of a series of repetitive watercolours, a daily practice that lets Joon Yoo meditate as much as create, a longing for freedom for the artist. “To concretely reach social emancipation and live freely despite my body limitations, creation became essential because of its process,” she explains. “The questioning, research, observation, reflection, execution, and the dialogue.”
 At the heart of this research is the question of time. “According to Saint Augustine, the present time moves toward non-being because it is in constant motion,” says Joon Yoo. “Delicately, I seize this motion animating the world and society, and in my own way, I try to shape time differently and emancipate it from its systematic, mechanical dimension.”

Joon YOO
Corée du Sud
Born in 1985

Born in 1985 in South Korea. 

Joon Yoo studied French literature and fashion design in Seoul. After a few professional experiences in fashion design in Korea, she decided to come to France to study at the Beaux-Arts in Bourges, then Paris. Joon Yoo experiments with time as a base material. Through different media such as performance, painting, and video, she tries to compose time differently and get rid of its systematic, mechanical aspect. With her pieces, she creates a vibration letting us imagine a kind of flexibility, freedom, and change within this normed, implacable element. Joon Yoo was awarded the Jennifer Flay Prize. She was involved in solo and collective exhibitions in France and abroad, for instance at the Espace Niemeyer and the Galerie du Crous in Paris, the Kunstraum Postdamer Strasse in Berlin, and the Drawing Festival in Pusan, South Korea.

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