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Comment une recette traverse-t-elle le temps ?


Comment une recette traverse-t-elle le temps ?


Juliette GREEN

Works on paper

1 m x 2 m x 7 cm

With its meticulous marker writing on a large sheet of paper, Comment une recette traverse-t-elle le temps? (How does a recipe cross time?) embarks the viewer in a delicate, mischievous, and poetic narration.

“This artwork follows the story of a recipe and the way it propagates,” explains Juliette Green. “We learn in which circumstances it has been invented, then how it has been transmitted through the centuries, along with the evolutions of technology: first, the recipe is taught by word of mouth, then through books, magazines, cooking shows, websites, etc. The story shows the human dimension of passing knowledge over through anecdotes.”

Juliette GREEN
Born in 1995

After graduating from the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Juliette Green presented her work in multiple places in Paris and beyond, notably at the Fondation Fiminco in Romainville and at the Credac,  the centre of contemporary art in Ivry-sur-Seine. When she was a teenager, she invented a method to take notes in class that mixed text and drawing. She keptworking with it and now uses it to tell stories in her artworks.

These narrative diagrams often start with an existential question: How a revocations born? What made the objects surrounding us? Where do our opinions come from? Answers are offered in stories that are both serious and humorous. 

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