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Casquette jaune


Casquette jaune


François BARD


105 x 130 cm

François Bard’s paintings seem simple: the material is built layer by layer, from the dark background to the touches of light, marked by the tools, the brush strokes, frottis, scraping, imperfections on the surface, drips, thin, asphalt-looking glazing staining the picture like accidental splatters. In his precise, flamboyant paintings, he captures the objective and the subjective, the outside and the inside.

“I like it when the human figure triggers something in the on looker, but without imposing too much nevertheless,” says François Bard. “Hence the fact that I often avoid faces to show the subject's backs and suggest more than I actually describe. I try to find the myth in the commonplace. It is almost propaganda for my everyday life.”

François BARD
Born in 1959

François Bard lives and works in Paris and the southof France.


A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure desBeaux-Arts of Paris and a former resident of the Casa Velasquez in Madrid, he has exhibitedin France, the United Kingdom, and the United States for many years. 

A largenumber of collectors, such as Ralph Lauren and Bernard Magrez, exhibit hisworks in their foundations. 

He has been working with Dior since June 2017. KrisVan Assche, the artistic director of the couture house, decided to associatehis latest collection and François Bard's universe. A monograph will bepublished by Somogy in October to coincide with his personal exhibition inParis.


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