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Breakfast in America


Breakfast in America


Elsa & Johanna


60 x 90 cm

Breakfast in America, “Beyond the Shadows” series, 2018-2019
Pigment ink on baryta paper

The series “Beyond the shadows” in whichbelongs this photograph tells a travel story, a frenzied flight. It invites theviewer into a narration made of actions, respirations, and pending moments.Pictures of emblematic characters embodied by the two artists are mixed withphotographs of always static outside settings. The landscapes, still lives, andinteriors are frozen decors reminding of the rural and suburban areas of NorthAmerica. They create a contrast with the bodies in motion, the striking candidposes. Suggestive interplays between the protagonists create a storyhighlighted by deafening silences. This series sets its own highly cinematographicrhythm. 

Elsa & Johanna
Born in 1990
Born respectively in 1990 in Bayonne and in 1991 in Paris, France

Elsa & Johanna are a duo of plastic artists, photographers, and directors. They met at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2014. In parallel, Elsa was studying at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and Johanna at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, in Eric Poitevin’s workshop. In 2015, they got recognition for a series of self-portraits, “A Couple of Them”, where they embody fictional characters and are simultaneously models, stylists, set designers, and photographers. The staging of the self became a recurring theme in their personal work. Their photographs were presented at the MAC VAL, at Art Paris, and Paris Photo, and they were awarded several prizes.

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