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200 x 160 cm

Marine Wallon’s motifs centred on the themes of rocks, sky, sea, and fields, are easy to recognize: zoomed in or zoomed out, in oils on canvas, they show the perception of the landscape in which the artist develops her pictorialism. She solves the question of the subject head-on by starting from screencaps of professional or amateur films, often of a touristic nature, as is the case here with Arrifana. “It lets me make use of the elsewhere,” explains Marine Wallon. “If I focused on the United States at first, I like to think that now, I have artworks coming from the five continents… It’s a way of representing the real world because it exists in these archives and geographically displaces the imagination.”


Photo : Nicolas Brasseur 


Born in 1985

Born in 1985 in Paris, France. 
Lives and works in Paris, France. 

Marine Wallon graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2009. Her goal isn’t to represent but to make present: her paintings don’t try to reproduce a plausible landscape but confront the viewer to the finished really of the canvas created by its edges and its surface, and to the materiality of the paint. Her artworks unveil sceneries where the immensity and infinity of nature impose themselves on human beings always on route toward an unknown goal. Marine Wallon presented her work in solo exhibitions in galleries in Paris, London, and Saint-Paul de Vence and collective ones in art centres and galleries. She was awarded many prizes such as the Colas Prize, the Moly-Sabata Prize, and the Novembre International Painting Prize in Vitry. She was the co-laureate of the Jean-François Prat.

Photo: @Vincent Ferrané

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