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#340 : Encyclopédie de l'imagination


#340 : Encyclopédie de l'imagination



Mixed media

29,7 x 21 cm

Mixed technique on paper

“When I arrived in France, I had to build a device that would help me overcome the language barrier and grasp the world without uttering a word. I wanted to start putting the changes and fluctuations of my imagination on display to somehow reverse the situation and turn my fear of being trapped into a mean of invention and creation. With this aim in mind, I arranged on a grid small rectangles about 2.5 cm wide in a zigzag pattern and in vertical columns on A4 sheets of paper. Filling in the boxes of the grid allowed me to gradually transform an overall vision into tiny fragments. Each small drawing functioned like a connecting platform between the real world and the one of my imagination. Since, I have made hundreds of thousands of drawings and organised educational workshops in collaboration with art centres, schools, and hospitals.” 

Sépànd Danesh
Born in 1984
He lives and works between Paris and Brussels.
Danesh took classes with Giuseppe Penone and Philippe Cognée when he was studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His work has been showcased at the Salon de Montrouge exhibition and the MAC VAL modern art museum in Vitry. 

Sépànd Danesh's work often portrays two walls at a right angle to each other, covered in garish 1970s patterned wallpaper. A shelf appears on one of the walls, holding various items, cards, drawings, frames, and fragments of glass recalling the shape of a mountain. Other objects appearing in his work include rulers, sticks, and tubes. Those are the only objects you’ll find in his paintings. A slightly low-angle perspective is created, unavoidably drawing the eye to the focal point of the painting, the corner angle. In his paintings, the artist creates a world of isolation, either voluntary or otherwise, where time is suspended, and the only way out is by using one's imagination.

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