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Juliette MINCHIN


Wax has a central role in Juliette Minchin’s work: endlessly reactivated, the same wax is used and melted again for successive pieces like a soul leaving a body for another. Grounded in the material world, her works invite introspection and open to a spiritual, esoteric, even sacred dimension. According to critic Florian Gaité, “Her work is thus destroyed and reborn like a Tibetan mandala. The repetition of the same gesture and the random evolution of the material give it a processual aspect. […] A marker of the passing of time, each of her works is usually turned into a series, presented in different states, playing on an essential ambiguity: birth of matter or death of form, here, the beginning and the end are the same.”

Photo: @Juliette Minchin

Juliette MINCHIN
Born in 1992

Born in 1992 in Clamart, France. 
Lives and works in Paris, France. 

A graduate from the École Nationale Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs in scenography and from the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Juliette Minchin stages her works by working on materials, lighting, smells, and sounds to explore concepts revolving around transformation (plasticity, metamorphosis, growth, dissolution, destruction, deliquescence, degeneration…). The use of natural materials (clay, wax, wood, iron, liquids) gives her sculptures an organic dimension: their surface is similar to the aspect of skin. Juliette Minchin took part in many exhibitions in France and abroad, such as the BIS Biennale (Saint-Paul de Vence), « Sans Relâche » (Monnaie de Paris), the HOOP Biennale (Oosterhoutn the Netherlands), Melting Chamber (Selfridges, London), and De Cinere Surgo (Palermo, Italy).

Photo: Gaulle

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Juliette MINCHIN

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